Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Welcome to 2015


Here is a book for your summer arts education reading.
Clark, B., Grey, A., & Terreni, L. (2013). Arts in Early Childhood: Education: Kia tipu te wairua toi – Fostering young children’s creative spirit through the Arts. Auckland: Pearson New Zealand.
Availabe @ Pearson Education
Also available is ecARTnz, the free e-magazine of professional practice for early childhood teachers.This magazine showcases examples of best practice in visual arts education that are currently happening in New Zealand EC centres. There are up to 3 publications per year.  Contributions from teachers, academics, and arts reaserchers are always welcome!
The International Art in Early Childhood Research Journal is  a useful resource: 
The 6th International Art in Early Childhood conference is  in Hong Kong this year (see previous entry)
Have a creative year!


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